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How’s Your Reputation?

The Age of the Internet is an interesting thing. Never before has so much information about so many things been so readily available to us. In a statistic from a few years back ago, we were told that we now have more information available to us in one day than people 100 years ago had […]READ MORE

Jumping Out Of A Plane

No, we’re not jumping out of a plane. Quite frankly, I feel that jumping out of a perfectly good plane is just plain silly – I’m also terrified of heights, so that might factor in there somewhere. No, no skydiving for the Sandy Bay crew, alas. I bet you’re wondering “Then what’s with the title?”, right? […]READ MORE

Sure You Hear…But Are You Listening?

When I was a kid, I was notorious for multitasking. I say multitasking sarcastically here – truth is, I was simply not paying attention to what was going on around me. I’d be playing, reading, watching tv, antagonizing my brother, leaving a trail of toys, books and whatever else I got my grubby little paws […]READ MORE

We Have A New Name!

Sometimes, change is a good thing. Over the last few months, we’ve noticed a trend while talking to people. We were told a number of times, as well as saw it ourselves, that our name led people to believe we dealt with hardware. While we certainly could deal with hardware, that’s not the direction we’ve […]READ MORE

Productivity…Do You Have It?

Before anything, let me say this: It’s AUGUST! I have no idea where the last seven months have gone. Literally none. When I started here at Sandy Bay, we were in the midst of a cold, snowy winter. Here we are in August, dealing with high humidity and as much rain as I’ve ever seen […]READ MORE

FuzeCMS – A Primer

No effective website should be without a proper content management system (CMS) to manage it. Once your website is up and running and you’re dealing with customers, you’ll want the ability to easily make changes. These could be very small, such as changing a staff member’s email address,or adding a news item, or larger scale […]READ MORE

Your Online Presence: Is It Effective?

Part of what we do here at Sandy Bay Networks is offer free website analysis to businesses and organizations. We want to help people understand how their website should be working for them versus how it actually is working for them – the reality is that sometimes there’s a large gap between the two. Knowing […]READ MORE

Small Businesses: Connecting Locally

Small business makes up a very large portion of  the workforce here in Canada. In fact, 41% of the total private sector workforce works in enterprises of fewer than 20 employees. (Source: Statistics Canada, Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics, 2005) As well, as stated in an October 2009 report, “small businesses with 50 employees, […]READ MORE

Social Media: What’s The Big Deal?

“Are you on Facebook?” “I’ll Facebook you.” “You can see the pictures on my Facebook page.” All of these phrases have become commonplace to us in our personal lives. What about in our business lives? Is it really that important for your business or organization to be involved in Social Media? The short answer? Yes. […]READ MORE

Sandy Bay Update!

What a week! It’s only Wednesday and already we’re in full swing here – maybe a little past, actually! We’ve got lots going on here in the office – ready for a brief run-down? First and foremost, we’d like to introduce the newest member of the Team, Ahmed Mashiyat! Ahmed comes to us from St […]READ MORE